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I’ve been indulging in a bit of Californian Merlot this evening whilst studying for my driving theory test. I’m not drinking and driving-¬†I’m drinking and thinking about driving… that is better, right?* Anyway- I’ve pretty much recovered from the long weekend (or short week, but who’s counting) in Edinburgh and have been slowly retouching some of the photos I took whilst there. The weather and lighting up there can wreak havoc on photos, so I’ve sequestered the best of what I took to Photoshop for some colour and sharpness correcting to better match Scotland as I remember seeing it. Those shots will be available on my .Mac and Flickr pages in the next day or so.

Since returning, I’ve posted a writing update on my writing blog and have been working on some wordstuff for new projects and contests. Code has been light, but the WriteRelief project is about to get some CSS attention. Yummy. Also in the works: some logo mojo for PodcastCon UK 2006. The logo is in beta or sumptin’ so that’s still to be refined before release.

One personal notes, I’ve reinvigorated a desire for Moleskine notebooks, which I’ve yet to personally own but have privately coveted for some time, and I’m trying to drop a stone before holiday. Yay. Blubber. That’s what happens when you’re happy. Argh. Moleskine: check my Amazon UK wishlist if you’re feeling frisky with your credit cards. (Wanted: one stalker with the urge to buy me presents…)

That’s it for tonight. I’m in a fermented grape haze and going to bed.


*Oh back off. I don’t drink and drive. I’m studying for my UK license after being a driver for almost twenty years already. Jeesh.

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5 thoughts on “mucho retoucho and other stuff of marginal interest”

  1. Don’t get me started on the crackpot policies at the DVLA that resulted in Beth having to take a driving test again when she came over here. It’s a barmy system that allows anybody to get into a car at Heathrow and drive out onto the M4 and the M25, and yet someone who has been driving for a year, in the eyes of the DVLA is then suddenly incapable of driving.

  2. Yeah- it’s strange, but I’m kind of having fun studying for the Theory test…
    The weirdest thing I’ve come across so far in my technical knowledge brushup is the difference between a pelican, puffin, toucan, and zebra crossing. I thought someone was having a laugh when I read those. “What the heck is up with all the bird crossings? They can’t be serious!” 😀

  3. Well at least the crossing names prove that somebody in the Department of Transport has a sense of humour, even if it is for awful puns. 😀

    I have to say that I did learn a couple of things when Beth was studying for her theory test – indeed there were a couple of times when we were driving somewhere and she told me off for doing something that the book said I shouldn’t! 😳

  4. You’re welcome! (And your pictures of Edinburgh are great.) (And good luck with the whole driving test thing — it sounds a nightmare!)

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