6 thoughts on “a shot from yesterday”

  1. Thanks Jodi!
    I just stuck a few more up on the flickr page a few minutes ago.
    (I might put one of those flickr sidebar thingies on my blog so it’s easy to see when new stuff has been uploaded.)

  2. Hey Jen,

    Freaking excellent! The red against the blue, and the afternoon orange tinge on the concrete, gorgeous stuff.

    Have you cropped it in post production at all? The only improvement I could suggest if you were going to try to capture it again, would be a slightly wider framing to get the end of the “h”.

    Still, beautiful work 🙂

  3. Hi Matt!

    As for the crop, yes, it was specifically done in post (but not by much) to avoid a really distracting yellow word that started after the ‘h’. There was no space between the words and so the crop was in a necessary place to avoid the distraction. (I do wish I could’ve had more of the ‘h’ to include, but I took it out to the last possible pixel.)

    Thanks very much for the compliments!

  4. Can you retouch out the offending yellow word? I’m happy to have a go at it if you want to send the original through.


  5. Thanks Matt, but I can if I need to. 🙂 (I already removed a rather un-photogenic pole and shadow that was attached to the top edge of the building between the umbrellas.)
    I kind of like the angle the way it is anyway. Cheers for your offer though.

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