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So my font woes are abated. I have created a lovely little logo for a project Neil and I are working on. You can see the holding page here. We’re working like factory kids for Nike on it and hope to have it rolling out sometime soon. (Soon, of course, is painfully relative.)

One down, one to go -¬†the PodcastCon UK site went up last night. I chose a particularly Web 2.0ish template to give it an immediate polished look, but will be developing a better logo and ironing out Internet Explorer glitches later today. I have a small complaint regarding the WordPress theme community: test your stuff on multiple platforms before releasing your themes to the world, you knuckleheads*. You wouldn’t believe how many themes don’t even manage to format a cross-platform/browser unordered list properly. It’s ridiculous. Might I suggest the indispensable Browsercam to aid in development? Please use it. Thanks.

Went to a comedy club in North London Saturday night. We were the guests of the sound-person (thanks Ann!) and I must say that the three acts were all pretty funny. I’m not the type to laugh much at obvious gags – the sort with lots of sex or swearing – but the calibre of that night’s performers thankfully rose above such simple material. I think we’ll probably visit that club again.

Experienced a local film premiere yesterday. We didn’t know anything about it going in – not the title, subject, nothing – but it turns out it was Phil Becque’s film about Buddhism. Though supportive of independent film makers, we were mildly disappointed that by the end we felt like we’d watched a rather low-budget educational programme. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s fantastic that he got his dream made, but Neil and I both agreed that had we seen the programme on TV, it would’ve been switched off. To be fair, we are not his target audience – evidently it’s for people who have expressed an interest in learning more about practising Buddhism – and although dry, he’s probably done just what is needed in that space. He got his vision made and that gets our respect. An interesting day, to be sure. (Thanks Jason!)

That’s the weekend reported. Now, onward with the new week! 😀

*The theme I chose is pretty compliant, though still not quite there.

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