freaky crap happening in the UK today

If you haven’t done so yet, turn on cable TV news or pop onto the BBC website to see what’s happening. A major, major terror plot thwarted. As someone who flies trans-Atlantic somewhat regularly (a couple of times per year minimum) this is scary stuff. I’m not afraid to fly, but it certainly makes you think a little more about the everyday risks that we don’t consciously realise are ever-present.

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3 thoughts on “freaky crap happening in the UK today”

  1. Looks to me like the next time you come to visit, you can do without luggage completely. We can pick up some clothes at a thrift shop for you to wear while you’re here and donate them back before you leave. Also, you can use my toiletries, toothpaste, etc. It will be a lot easier getting through Heathrow and Ohare.

  2. The Republican dominated government needs something to help boost the re-election campaigns of various Republicans. Look at the eleven Egyptians that are lost in America, they found three and eight are still lost. Take it even further, what makes petrol prices go up? The thought and threat of another terrorist attacks.

    I know, I’m Mr. Conspiracy Theorist.


  3. @Brian:
    Actually, BP has closed and is repairing their Alaskan pipeline, which accounts for something like 8% of domestic oil production‚Äö?Ñ?Æ that’s probably more to blame for the immediate fuel price surge. (All that unfortunate messiness in the Middle East isn’t helping either.)

    Saying that, a major terrorism scare seems to make the gas folk go a little nutsy too. Thank goodness the transportation network in the UK is pretty good‚Äö?Ñ?Æ we have almost no need to drive anywhere (the car might get used once per week). Less money going into our gas tank makes our walks down to Costa Coffee for ridiculously expensive (but oh so worth it) coffees almost affordable. 😉

    I’m just pissed that my next flight to the states might leave me forced to watch the in-flight ‘entertainment’ like Everyone Loves Raymond or badly edited cuts of ‘popular’ movies (could the Herbie remake have been any worse?). I want my iPod, noise-cancelling earbuds, and laptop dammit… grrrr. However, I suppose showing up in one piece is more important than my in-flight comfort. And really, I’m thinking the thrift store idea sounds mighty fun… 🙂

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