happiness is an empty glass

Verte de Fougerolles

Pete* and I each ordered a bottle of absinthe on the same day last week.
His took an extra day for delivery, but like a good little girl, I waited until he received his before trying mine. We prepared, imbibed, and compared notes via iChat video. A good time was had by all. This is perhaps the best absinthe — of the green variety — I’ve had so far in several years and through several brands.

I shall sleep amongst fairies tonight.


* Pete’s overhauling his site. Go catch him at the podcast though…

UPDATE: Pete emailed me today (the day after the video imbibing) with this to say, “I was wide awake at 3am convinced there was a monster on my ceiling. Yeek.”
Now that’s a good bottle o’ stuff. 😉

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