the weekend thus far and the redemption of flickr

Found in a pedestrian subway under the railroadIt’s been a pretty productive weekend for personal projects. Sam and I went walking all over town taking photos of people, places, and unusual found objects. A mind-mapped plan, and some initial writing, began to gush out of me for one of the books I’m writing. A focused database structure and interface has been drafted for the writer-related software application Neil and I are developing.

Things are falling into place on several very good projects. It’s exciting.
It has been a very satisfying weekend.

I mentioned taking pictures this weekend. I’ve also been uploading pictures to my (free for now) flickr account. I used to hate flickr. It was clunky, slow, unintuitive, and just a dog to use. Lots of people loved it anyway, but I am a software snob and used to the responsive and well-designed applications on my Mac. flickr was clearly beta for ages for a reason. Now that flickr is in ‘Gamma’ it seems to have most of the hiccups ironed out and I am actually beginning to like the ugly thing. I’m even considering buying a ‘pro’ account. (I still find it odd to pay for services that aren’t at least at version one, but whatever.) So flickr has turned me into a fan. I ‘heart’ flickr. There, I said it. Now I’m like everyone else on the planet… đŸ™‚

To recap, there are two places to see pictures of me and the targets of my cameras: my dotMac page* and my flickr account. I will update both with increasing frequency (ie: several times per month).

Now I’m off to make dinner and then sequester myself to continue writing work for what we’ll call Book B. (Book A is a much trickier project and requires a more academic frame of mind in order to work on it, so Book B will likely get more attention first.)


*.Mac page ceased to exist 30, June 2009

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