Meet Buster

Buster, the rotten gray hairballBuster is my mom’s cat.

A former stray, he lived in her shrubs until eventually conning his way into her home. He’s been an indoor fixture of endearingly clumsy amusement for a couple of years now.
Buster is a bit of a whiner and has a new trick for when he’s lonely in the night.
Here’s an email I just got from my mom:

That rotten gray hairball got me up at 4 something again this morning!

I’m going to start annoying him when he’s napping. Petty, but satisfying.


Made me smile and further confirms -¬†on several levels – that I am my mother’s daughter. 😉

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3 thoughts on “Meet Buster”

  1. This is the exact reason why I don’t have a cat. Although if the Bean showed up at my house, I wouldn’t kick him to the curb!

  2. He looks so cute in that picture. I’m such a sucker for that. And for his bulldog strut, and the way he sleeps on his back, arms and legs spread out, flat as a pancake. Oh, and his clumsiness–he never remembers that he’s on a table or bed or his birdwatching stand, stretches, rolls over and falls off! His look of surprise and paranoia is priceless every time. Seriously, he’s on the edge of my bed now. I can see him from the computer. I bet he falls off the next time he stretches. Good thing I’ve got carpet!

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