Yoda is my co-pilot

Or at least he could be. So could Arnold Schwarzenegger, Homer Simpson, or a number of other celebrity sound-alikes. As fun as that may be, I think a plain old default voice will do just fine. What am I on about? The satellite link device arrived for our Palm-based Tom Tom today and we’ll be testing it out in about an hour. Neil and I had been looking to get a sat-nav device for the better part of a year and finally settled on a solution. It should come in very handy for our trip to Scotland later this month.

On a more local note, we’ve just returned from our ‘remote office’ (Costa Coffee, of course) where I got some inspired ramblings down on paper for one of the two books I have in the works and Neil continued on some of his ongoing development work. After the coffee, we took a break (before peppermint teas) and hammered out the exciting beginnings of an online application we’re developing. It’s initially for my benefit and needs, but the idea is that it will eventually be an online subscription-based application. It’s aimed at writers and fills a gap that no one seems to be filling. That’s all I can tell you for now.

The new application is exciting. My previous working life had always essentially pushed me through the visions of others but for the first time in my paycheck earning life the work is more and more often forged from my own creative ideas and development concepts. I’m thinking more broadly than I ever have before. Not that I was ever totally a company drone for any employer, but there was rarely this level of creative input or enterprise that I’m getting a taste of in freelance. Neil has been a very positive influence on the ‘if it doesn’t exist, make it’ bit of my brain that has lain nearly dormant for so long. It feels good to unleash it and innovate. Neil’s a lot more practised at it than I am, and this transition has not been particularly natural to me, but I’m tapping some potential now that once was without practical purpose. It’s easy to say you have a good idea; it’s a whole ‘nother thing to make it happen on your own.

Exciting times ahead. Now that I think about it, I kind of have two ‘Yodas’ helping me to find my way around. 😉

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