I made a pretty thing

My lovely Podshow+ page. Want me to make a cool one for you too?I decided to dink around with my Podshow+ page with the aim of creating a unique – and seemingly seemless – header/background graphic combination. I have to thank Neil for his initial legwork on the some of the layering issues, but using his groundwork as a starting point I’ve managed to create a really intricate looking custom graphic without much fuss.
(click to enlarge the thumbnail)

I had once thought about getting dirty with some MySpace graphic solutions as a sort of little side business but I honestly think there’s too much hack work for too little potential gain there. (Not to mention the huge amount of crappy free stuff flooding the MySpace world already.) But with Podshow, there is a real opportunity to make a good looking page through clever (but not complex) graphic manipulation.
So now I’m offering my services to do so for other Podshow users. I’m not sure if the other page elements can be tweaked, as there really isn’t any place to introduce code, but to its credit, Podshow is a pretty nice looking service to begin with.

So- if you’re on Podshow (and if you haven’t tried it yet, I recommend giving it a go) and want a unique look to your page, give me a shout with your ideas and I’ll give you a quote. Thanks! That’d be swell!

UPDATE: I looked at the header image alignment in Internet Explorer 6 on our PC and wouldn’t you know it, the rotten browser shows a glitch. Fortunately I know that this is isolated to Explorer behaviour. Firefox looks lovely. Design considerations will take this quirk into account.

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