Bugger. I need AA batteries.

My pocket camera batteries are dead(ish) and I can’t find my rechargeables.

Our TV remote control has breathed its last Alkaline breath.

Now, my wireless keyboard – which I thought ran on squirrels or fairy magic – has decided to go into fits of stuttering.

The world around me is running out of juice. I understand the global energy crisis clearly now as it hits my selfish needs where it hurts most – my tech gadgets.*

Thankfully, I bought a rubbish USB keyboard at Tesco to use with my laptop when it’s up on a riser, so I am not without input ability. I must find my rechargeables and buy batteries tomorrow – a worthy excuse to go down to town and get a snobby coffee at my ‘remote office,’ Costa Coffee.

*yes, that’s intentionally shallow.

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One thought on “Bugger. I need AA batteries.”

  1. Squirrels hibernate under purple-spotted mushrooms at this time of year.

    With Love,
    Microsoft Help Desk

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