a movie tonight and a car show tomorrow

Thanks to satellite TV and an Amazon DVD rental membership, there is never a day without a movie (or four) to watch. Tonight we’re catching King Arthur (satellite) and hopefully it’ll be entertaining. There have been some bad historical fiction films over the past few years (Did anyone really enjoy Troy? I mean besides looking at Brad…) and this one has its turkey potential by casting Guinevere in a sort of Xena-esque light… We’ll see. Regardless, it has Keira Knightly and Clive Owen in it, so the eye-candy factor will be intact. (That factor was just enough to keep me watching Troy, so King Arthur should be safe.)

As for tomorrow, Neil and I will be amongst a uniquely ‘his’ kind of eye-candy: cars. Lots and lots of cars. Subarus and Aston Martins. I’m looking forward to several photo opportunities and the chance to experience an event devoted to high performance cars. I’m not much of a car geek (though a clever mechanic when I need to be) but I am always up for new experiences. Tomorrow will be fun and I will have plenty of pictures to share with you. If you want to know more about the event and what kinds of performance vehicles we’ll be seeing, go to the Prodrive site.

And now: movie time!

UPDATE: King Arthur was actually pretty cool. It was gritty and had an uncommon take on Arthurian legend. We liked it.

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