skiddaddling to Scotland for the Edinburgh Fringe & Fringe podcast too

As July nears its closing days I am growing more and more excited to see a part of Britain that I’ve always wanted to visit: Scotland!

For years, Aaron and I dreamt of taking a trip to explore Scotland and I am thrilled I announce that I’m finally going. Unfortunately Aaron will have to live my trip vicariously until he can get over here for his own adventure, but I promise to have enough fun for the both of us!

One way he’ll be able to keep up with the trip is through The Edinburgh Fringe Show. It’s a podcast from a Scottish pal of mine named Ewan Spence and Neil and I will have the pleasure of contributing in some way to this year’s coverage. The Edinburgh Fringe podcasts were extremely popular last year and got a lot of attention from the BBC and other media outlets. I believe we’ll be staying with Ewan and his family for part of our time up there and will be giving him a hand in some way with a bit of this year’s coverage. Ewan and his team have even been awarded Press Accreditation. Not bad for a podcaster! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Next month is gonna be fun! Thanks for the invitation to your corner of the UK, Ewan! Goodness knows Neil and I need a break from work and the Edinburgh Fringe will be just the vacation from the grind that we’re looking for!

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2 thoughts on “skiddaddling to Scotland for the Edinburgh Fringe & Fringe podcast too”

  1. Yep, spare room (maybe even spare house!) waiting for you all when you get there, plus a shiny press pass for y’all to share. Just need to get you behind the mic afterwards to make it legit ๐Ÿ˜‰

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