dweeb. nerd. something of a Trekkie.

Nerd Alert! Nerd Alert!

I used to be fairly fond of Star Trek: The Next Generation and I still am (Data and his cat Spot being perhaps my favourite characters) but I have really taken to Star Trek: Voyager. I watch an episode nearly every day during lunch – even ones I’ve already seen - and find myself occasionally thinking about things like half impulse, Jefferies tubes, and nacelles when I’m not even anywhere near the TV. Does that mean I’m a Trekkie? Well, if that didn’t do it, then this picture of my desk today will… Click to enlarge the picture and you’ll get little descriptions of all the visible stuff on my desk as well as where to get the ridiculously cool (nerdy cool, that is) screensaver for Mac or PC.
I am such a nerd.

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