Yippee!! I’ve cracked a toughy!

It’s just past 1AM and I have cracked a really tough layout. I’ve been fussing with it off and on for days. I just wasn’t able to see the answers, but now code triumph is mine. It was such a pain that I’ll be sharing the project here. First I have to integrate the layout into the content management system (AquariumCMS – a fishlight ltd product not far from release) and then make a simplified copy (sans CMS) with bogus graphics to show here. (I’d show the real deal but it’s not been launched publicly yet and so I can’t jump the gun.)

No matter what kind of work you do, isn’t it always the case where, it’s late and you’ve finally nailed something. You weren’t unbearably tired when you had no idea how late you’d need to be awake, but now that you’ve cracked the problem the yawns come in veritable bucketloads. Thankfully, sweet relief for mind and body are not far off.

Going to bed after this little victory seems like a good idea. Happy, sleepy girl.

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