the Podshow thing and the rest of the day

I was quick enough to the draw to grab my first name on Podshow+ as a domain. Customisation is fairly straight-forward (much easier than MySpace, but perhaps not as hackable) and I’ve started gathering some podcasts for my “Shows I Dig” section and such. There are certain interface quirks which behave less intuitively than I expected, but the product is clearly aimed at people with MySpace and LiveJournal expectations. In that context, Podshow+ blows them away both technically and visually.

All in all, Podshow+ is pretty cool, and as they are updating/improving the site twice daily, I expect them to just get cooler. It’s lovely to be able to listen to podcasts in their player without waiting for downloads to my machine. I don’t usually take podcasts with me in my iPod, so this is a perfect solution. (Plus, I’m not clogging up hard drive space with stuff I don’t want to keep but neglect to delete.)

You know how you can have a day where productivity seems like a dreamer’s idea? Yeah, that’s today. Don’t get me wrong – I’m getting stuff done – but it’s a battle and I’m not ready to give up for the night just yet. We’ve got a day out tomorrow and perhaps the excitement of a little road trip and visiting internet friends in person is further hindering my struggling production. Maybe Neil’s suggestion of drinking wine and getting tipsy tonight might just well be the irresponsible diversion I need this evening. We do have a little celebrating (in his honour) to do for something I can’t reveal until next week…

Oh, in completely unrelated news: I can now play Sudoku. Clearly the last person on the planet to do so, I resisted getting wrapped up in the craze until yesterday when I saw a Dashboard Widget for it. I must say that the game does appeal to the same part of my brain that keeps me up at night playing solitaire on my PalmOne before sleep. My nerd coverage has spread even broader today.

Oh screw it. I’m going for the wine. Productivity is already in bed for the evening… 😉


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7 thoughts on “the Podshow thing and the rest of the day”

  1. you’re not the last person in the world, don’t worry. i’m still resisting it.

    congrats on getting ‘jen’!

  2. Damn, if I’d known there were others out there I might have been stronger! 😀

    And yes, a congrats is in order! (As you well know how tough it is to get ‘jen’ anything on the web these days!) Whoo-hoo!

  3. I haven’t started playing yet either. To me Sudoku is like golf, why would I want to play something that’s just going to make me mad?!

  4. I guess I should’ve gone to my friends in my moment of weakness! 😉

    I’ve played the computer widget twice on the easy setting and it’s not bad. I remember solving stuff similar to Sudoku puzzles when I was in gifted classes as a child. I guess the English schools have recently integrated them into regular curriculum to sharpen young minds. Not a bad idea really. Anything that keeps a kid thinking instead of text messaging can’t be bad… 😛

  5. Hi Adam!

    Yeah, definitely a feeding frenzy for names. I suppose you did have the added handicap of sharing one with Mr. Curry… 😛

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