I have no room to complain, yet I feel compelled to do so anyway

Just got back from our remote office, Costa Coffee. 😉 The iced coffee drinks they serve up are to die for and are such a treat on these hot summer days.

And it is hot. It’s just past 6PM and I read 90 degrees for my local temperature. We are fortunate to have a portable air conditioner and it’s making the home office tolerable. The reason I shouldn’t complain about the heat? Here’s my mom’s email from yesterday:

It is 4:30 p.m.

It is 98 degrees.

The heat index is 124 degrees.

I want rain.


I used to live there too… granted, I had central air, but that’s just a really awful and oppressive climate to deal with. Southern England is positively balmy by comparison. With that in mind, I offer my half-hearted complaint about the heat here and lots of hope for rain in Wisconsin.

Stay cool my peeps!

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