American history lesson

king of the wild frontier

J (singing) – ‘Davy, Davy Crockett…’

N (interrupting) – ‘Is he the fastest gun in the West?’

J – ‘No, he was a frontier dude in a coonskin cap*

N – ‘Is that a Raa-coon?’

J – ‘You’re so f*cking British sometimes.’

is that a saucepan on his head?* All these years I thought the guy wore a coonskin cap, turns out he didn’t. According to Wikipedia:

“Popular belief is that he wore a coonskin cap, but this is a myth propagated by the actor who played him in a play he commissioned to raise his flagging popularity. The actor, chosen to play the role of the “great frontiersman”, picked a coon skin hat quite by chance.”

Well, how about that. Does that mean Johnny Appleseed didn’t wear a saucepan for a hat either?

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