When spam is useful

I’ve mentioned before that I co-admin the BritCaster forums and part of my duties there include the routine, daily hoovering out of spam registrants. Today, I found a Russian hooker registrant. That seemed simple enough to determine as spam, but I’m nosy and decided to look at the site and its source code. Seems my dear prostitute who was “Cheerful, clever with fine sense of humour, searches for the fellow traveller for summer holiday” was also hiding thousands of words of information in her source code about Xanax. (Geez, I really don’t trust her now. After all, her profile said that she never accepts drugs…)

Anyway, I found the site useful for what was tucked away at the bottom of the source code: ten Russian email suffixes. I’ve seen a couple of them before and can pretty fairly assume that the others in the list are also spammers. I have an instant blacklist thanks to my friendly – drug-free (right) – hooker. Thanks, honey!

Because I love you, here’s a screenshot of the email source code, just in case you want to blacklist a few of them yourself. Click to enlarge.

spam spam spam spam


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