a new look at fishlight

There’s a fresh face on fishlight.co.uk and I’m pleased to say that it’s all my doing- Neil put me in charge of the design and build. 😀 One major change was to get away from the Flash site that was up. This new one is XHTML, PHP, and CSS but I’ll admit to a single table in the layout. I rushed that part and will get it to pure CSS for the background images one of these days. It’s not a priority right now. Regardless, it’s clean, simple, and an uncluttered fresh look for the business.
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6 thoughts on “a new look at fishlight”

  1. Smokin’. Like it lots. You’ve inadvertantly persuaded me to dust off my web dude hat and get my CSS freak on again. Ithankyou.

  2. Thanks Pete! Glad you like! 😀

    (I mentioned the table background because I figured you’d spank me over it… heh heh)

  3. You’re allowed one. And the fact you’re working on getting rid of it means you’ve learned your lesson. There’s a time for dirty HTML tables, and this is not one of them.


  4. Actually, I only learned how to use tables for background images because Neil made me do it for a project, so he’s to blame for my bad behaviour. 😉 He’s a bad, bad man.

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