perhaps I should’ve ordered chocolate

So I got through the code last evening. I ended up right where I started, which is functional but not the best solution. Fortunately, I get a chance to tweak it after the presentation today, which is kind of a preview of how things are going on the project. It’s funny how you can code something so beautiful -the project I mentioned a couple of days ago- but have another -this one- fight you with every godforsaken tooth in its virtual head. I have no one to blame but myself really, after all, someone had to code in that attitude in the first place. I am my own evil twin at times.

A full plate today: code, learning, writing, the groceries delivered, computer maintenance, and somewhere in all that I must remember to eat, stretch, and clean up the flat a bit. Neil’s off to London for a couple of meetings (one is the aforementioned presentation) and so I have the flat to myself for most of the day. I can turn up some music, rush around, use the vacuum cleaner, and not worry that I may be disturbing him as he works. I love having him around so much but I often feel that because the home is also the office that I let the day-to-day chores pile up in order to prevent distracting him as he works. I tend to focus on computer work better in the evening and so that leaves the household chores for the daytime which happens to be “office hours.” It’s a dilemma I have to work out. Days like today help, but the cycle seems to pick up where it left off.

Anyway, before additional precious minutes whoosh by me, it’s time to get more done. The groceries will be here in a few hours, so that gives me a loose deadline for several of my tasks. Time to dance around to the last song on the playlist from yesterday and get busy!

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