the view from my window (this may end up a regular feature)

Unfortunately, opportunity and access to camera didn’t coincide, but it’s 10:30 AM: fellas, do you know where your can of beer is?

If you were the guy that just walked by, it would be snug in your hand and, judging by the angle of tippage, apparently half empty.

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8 thoughts on “the view from my window (this may end up a regular feature)”

  1. Just from what you tell me I think the view from your window would make a great addition to your blog.

  2. Thanks Jodi!

    Yeah, the other day someone was watering the tree outside my window… with his own body fluids. You’d never know I live in a relatively upscale area.

    I shall post more observations as they present themselves… šŸ™‚

  3. Still think the best is 2 women with baby carriages fighting in the high street, whilst still holding onto the kids.

    Btw maybe the view from the window should stay descriptive rather than photographic!

  4. @Jodi: ewww…

    @zac: perhaps it will stay descriptive only.

    @Jodi and zac: those aren’t events outside your window… follow the rules kids! šŸ˜‰

  5. The puking lady was outside my window…my car window! Nothing good happens outside my window other than the neighbor girl spinning in a circle and grabbing her crotch.

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