me, Barry, and the bucket of wine between us

Still life with Barry and wineOK, bucket might be a bit exaggerated, but not by much. Barry of and I met up for lunch in Maidenhead today to catch up and prove to him that I can be social if I try. A relaxed lunch at The Bear involved a sofa, more food that either of us could possibly eat, and the aforementioned bucket of wine before me. (The bar staff had run out of the standard large measure wine glasses, and so to be as courteous as possible they brought me two smaller glasses of Shiraz at once, thereby implying to all around us that I like to drink two-fisted without a tedious break between beverages. They are not altogether wrong… πŸ˜‰ )

The indulgence of a meal out with Barry lasted two and a half hours with continuous chatter and chewing. It looks like we’ll be doing this more regularly and he has informed me that the train goes to his village so I may be more adventurous yet! Look out world, I’m getting out more! πŸ˜€

After Barry and I went our separate ways, I rang up Neil to join me for a coffee. We’re taking it easy* tonight and are making nachos and have an rental to enjoy. (‘Capote’, for the inquisitive.)

Not much else going on, but I have been coding some positively beautiful stuff over the past couple days. I’ll let you know more on that soon… I will definitely be showing it off when it launches.

Now, I must go shred cheese.


(And an extra smooch to Barry for a lovely afternoon out.)
* ‘easy’ meaning that Neil has stopped working before 10pm…

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5 thoughts on “me, Barry, and the bucket of wine between us”

  1. Hi fellow Expat! Barry pointed me to your site, and I am glad he did, its nice to meet another Geek grrl!

    Did Barry match you drink for drink?

  2. Hi Geneva! Welcome!

    The imbibing was equal β€šΓ„ΓΆ?Γ‘?Γ† wholly unimpressive yet responsible β€šΓ„ΓΆ?Γ‘?Γ† concluding with two drinks each.

    Good to meet you too! I shall peruse your blog tomorrow. πŸ™‚

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