some things are just inevitable

A friend of mine recently said on her blog:

Someday I’ll relive one full day of my childhood through pirated/rereleased media, commercials and all.

My comment on such an event went as follows:

Eek. If I did that I’d have to sit on an ‘invisible jet’ footstool in front of the TV in my gymnastics leotard while wearing cardboard bullet-proof wristbands. As an adult, years after Wonder Woman, I was sort of destined to love Xena…

I am such a dork. A dork, who incidentally watched two back-to-back episodes of Xena whilst pairing socks and tidying the living room today. Queen dork. Dorkius maximus. A dork who would kill for that swanky little warrior outfit so that I could sit perched upon my footstool steed – Argo – mundanely sorting socks in front of the TV before back-flipping off to fight Maidenhead warlords. Yeah. That’d be cool.

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