8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Neil”

  1. The odd thing is I actually remember that jumper – it was darn itchy.
    And why they always insisted on putting a book in front of us for the official school photo I don’t know…

  2. Hippy Bathday dude !

    OMG that jumper – my granny used to knit them by the bucketload for me too…

    the funniest one was a polo neck – not a jumper, just the polo neck bit ( apparently for wearing under a V neck jumper – WTF was that about ???

    Have a good one !

  3. *owl flies in window carrying letter*
    *owl thinks to itself, “these boys and girls” think they’re saving environment by not running the AC*
    *Hagrid is a ‘technology boy’ so he has micro camera attached to owl*
    *Neil grabs letter nonchalantly without speaking to owl*
    *owl leaves*
    *Hagrid thinks to himself “it’s true, judging by Neil’s casual acceptance, Neil is the ‘hidden hufflepuffian’- son of two hufflepuffians grandson of four hufflepuffians…….”*

    *Hagrid thinks: that first test of Neil being called a muggle by my posing as “John”
    only told me he was either a muggle or a hufflepuffian and not a slytherite, ravenclawian, or griffendorian”

    *Neil Reads message*


    Yes the meek shall inherit the earth. But meekness does not mean not casting spells on lame boys like “John”

    Take some advice from your ravenclawian you call your wife.

    With Love,
    Headmaster Thebeswart adult education program

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