some restrictions apply

Blu-Tack. 1000s of Uses, but that does not include as a present.

J- “Whoo-hoo!” as I rummage through a kitchen drawer for pizza coupons

N- “What?” washing up but not looking around from the sink

J- “I just found a new package of Blu-Tack!”

N- “That is worthy of exclamation.”

J- “Ah, but don’t be misled. Although I’m excited over the Blu-Tack, it is not an acceptable gift option.”

N- “Aww. I thought I had Christmas all worked out.”

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3 thoughts on “some restrictions apply”

  1. Remember the chewing gum like sticky stuff we’d use to tack up posters when we were kids? That’s blu-tack. 😀

    I use it all the time for stuff around the flat and so an unopened package of the stuff is a treasure!

  2. As a kid I used Blu-tack for everything leading my Mum to one time say “Not everything can be solved by the use of Blu-tack” I beleive she is still to be proved correct. 🙂

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