Good things to those who wait

Too bad I’ve never been good at waiting! πŸ˜€

Anyway, more good news regarding my writing endeavours can be found over on that blog.

Also, on an unrelated project, I want to thank my mom for reading my short story competition entry and really liking it. I’ve mentioned her passion for reading before and anyone who meets her quickly realises that she’s one smart lady. I’ve always had a fear of showing her anything I’ve written because I’m afraid it won’t measure up to her expectations. I know she’s mortal like the rest of us, but my irrational fear of rejection or disappointment has been at times embarrassingly paralysing. But she liked my story. She’s read it several times and can tell me precisely why she likes it. I often feel like a child whenever I show her something, like there’s a chance the project won’t make it onto the refrigerator or something, but today I feel like a thirty-four year old writer getting praise from a tough critic whose opinion I respect immensely. It feels damn good.
Thanks Mom.
And thanks especially for not bullshitting me that I’m good when I really am not.

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3 thoughts on “Good things to those who wait”

  1. “Your writing is assuming a modicum of palatability”

    with love,
    John Pretending to be Mom pretending to be unimpressed so Jen “the teacher” gets even better.

  2. Thanks for taking me down a notch… πŸ˜‰

    I was actually thinking of letting you read the story. I can’t publish it because of the competition, but email…

  3. Sure I’d love to read it – send it to my new alias:

    j_heidelman@ [removed by jEN to avoid spammies]

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