Can’t concentrate for all the electricity today!

My hitcounter has gone wild today with the additional hits I’ve received thanks to the email newsletter. It’s been fab and I send a hearty ‘howdy!’ to all the new faces mousing around these parts. I’ve got photos (check the link at the top under the header too), geek tips, software opinions, personal ramblings, tender reflection, educational entries, confessions, many smoothies (search my site for more), current events analysed, blurbs about writing, humorous banter, and pretty pictures. And all of that comes from 2006! You’ve got so much to catch up on! πŸ˜›

In addition to the fun created by my pals at Spreadshirt, (Which, by the way, my header graphic is now available in the shop on two different shirts. Honk if you love platypus!) I’ve sent off my first short story contest entry! Whoo-hoo! I’m terrified and excited all at once! The results won’t be known until mid-September, but that’s fine. I won’t have any fingernails left by then, but I’ll survive… just.

Off to craft more code. Must regain my concentration…
Happy day!!


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2 thoughts on “Can’t concentrate for all the electricity today!”

  1. I have a US version of the store in progress, so yes! very soon I can release my platypus love upon the US as well. πŸ˜€

    I’ll make an announcement here shortly.

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