a return to youth

Did this owl hold your towel?Ever wander through the internet and realise someone out there has an online gallery of the kitschy crap that coloured your childhood landscape?

Mom- which macrame owl did we have? I was leaning towards the one pictured on the right, found through the Page 4 link, but damn, they all look so vaguely familiar.

Thanks to Bill Davenport’s Homepage for the owls as well as a really excellent gallery of thrift store paintings.

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2 thoughts on “a return to youth”

  1. I beg your pardon–we never had a macrame owl. Your Aunt Barb did!

    We were the proud owners of lots of macrame holders for hanging plants, lovingly crafted by me out of finger destroying jute! I don’t know what it was about macrame. It took over everyone. Even when you knew it was tacky, you were compelled to keep doing it. I suspect alien mind control. At least that’s the excuse I’m sticking with!

  2. My mom never got into macrame, but mom, Jill and I worked for years on a latch hook tree skirt for our Christmas tree. I think she used it for about 2 years then it went to Goodwill. It was awful and fun all in one. 🙂

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