got up on the wrong side of the bed which is now the right side on the left from the foot

Confused by that? I was – all last night I think. We swapped sleeping sides and it messed me up something crazy last night. I finally went and slept for a couple of hours on the love-seat. It didn’t help much that Tom Cruise was killing people in my dreams. Saw Collateral earlier in the evening – a decent movie, better than I’d expected – and in my struggle to stay asleep, proved it’s staying power. I’ve managed a few hours of rest this morning, and with the assistance of a continuous drip of coffee I should be somewhat functional. Gonna take a sleep aid tonight though…

So we saw Collateral last night and in the credits afterwards I noticed it was a Michael Mann film. Ah, that makes sense. It was pretty good and I quickly got used to Tom Cruise in greying hair. He’s still a wacky celebrity and general scientology super-weirdo, but I was so wrapped up in the film that I didn’t think about him jumping on couches or eating umbilical cords at all. You may have guessed that, yes, I subscribe to a celebrity gossip blog and perhaps shouldn’t… I am embarrassingly up to date on Lohan, Kidman, Brangelina, Simpson, Vaughiston… you get the picture. Funny, for someone who doesn’t even watch TV except for Star Trek reruns, I sure know too much about celebrities. Some people eat junk food, I consume a healthy(?) amount of celebrity gossip via an RSS feed. Is one worse than the other? πŸ˜‰

Anyway, moving on from my pop culture flaws, I posted a couple of things on my writing focused blog this week. Now, I’m off to change my French roast IV bag, eat something, and edit my little fingers to the bone. jEN has homework today. πŸ™‚


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