Just after an episode of The Daily Show, with the TV on mute, and an ad for The West Wing comes on:

N- “Whenever I see a picture of Martin Sheen, I’m afraid he’s going to tell me to go to bed without my supper or something. He just has this…”

J- “You have a fear of Martin Sheen?”

N- “Well, of his authoritative disposition.”

After a pause and reading the look on my face as I commit the ridiculousness of his confession to memory:

N- “You’re gonna blog that aren’t you?”

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6 thoughts on “confessions”

  1. So it’s not just me hiding behind the sofa* when a clown comes on TV…
    Now if Martin Sheen ever dressed as a clown, there could be no sofa with a suitably high protective coefficient.

    * OK, so in reality I have to get up, move the coffee table forward a little, shift the server and router to the right (ensuring Marvin the Paranoid Android doesn’t pop a shoulder joint in the process), shimmy out the sofa, hoover behind it because it gets really fuzzy back there, then get my hiding in… but you get the idea.

  2. Clowns don’t scare me. Martin Sheen doesn’t scare me. But I find the white makeup on mimes really creepy. Picture THAT on Mr. Sheen. Gives you the shivers, doesn’t it?

  3. Ginny, thanks for mixing both mine and Neils fears in one. I’m coming to your house when I can’t fall asleep tonite!!!

  4. Ginny… Martin Sheen as a mime would be wholly impotent, after all, how could he assert his authorit‚àö¬© when imprisoned within an invisible, unescapable box? And even if he managed an escape, he’d never be able to carry his heavy suitcase of punishment equipment, plus his jeopardy would surely increase as the wind picks up. I’ll sleep safe from the Sheen Le Mime.

  5. I am with Jodi, don’t like scary ass clowns. I understand where Neil is coming from I think Martin Sheen would make a good teacher as far as class control is concerned, as long as he was playing same sort of person he does when being POTUS.

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