more than a common language divided by the Atlantic

J- “I should’ve come over here as an au pair. Room, board, learn language…”

N- “I think you have to be non-English speaking.”

J- “Yeah, but I could’ve learned things like Chuck’s your uncle and spotted dick.

N- (after a brief pause and giving me ‘the eyebrow’) “Bob’s your uncle…”

J- “Same thing.”

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6 thoughts on “more than a common language divided by the Atlantic”

  1. Well, despite the possible misinterpretations thanks to an unfortunate name, Spotted Dick is not a medical malady or an overly freckled bloke named Richard. It is a food item – dessert to be specific – and though worthy of giggles when spoken out loud, the dessert remains a very popular indulgence in the UK. I have heard tell that some restaurants have renamed the dish on their menus to make it less ‘questionable’ by calling it Spotted Richard or something like that. I have never had it, as I don’t care for currants or raisins.

    According to Wikipedia: “Spotted Dick is a steamed suet pudding containing dried fruit, usually currants. The dessert is especially popular in the United Kingdom, usually served either with custard or with butter and brown sugar. Spotted refers to the currants (which resemble spots), and Dick is a corruption of the word dough.”

    Hope that helps, Ginny! šŸ™‚

  2. Although the Oxford English Dictionary of Slang doesn’t seem to contain a definition of batty crease, it is listed at as: Noun. The area between the buttocks. See ‘batty’ (noun).

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