more fun than poking myself in the eye

The third CPU kernel panic in a week or two reared its ugly white-type-on-black-bars error message today. This is not good. So, I spent the day (Wednesday, as this is getting posted after midnight) cleaning out my machine, researching countless support articles all over the web to decipher the cryptic choking language on my screen, and backing up files to an external drive before performing hardware diagnostics and an Archive & Install of the operating system.

I have more fun at the dentist.

Anyway, it’s after midnight, my system seems – if nothing else – zippier, but only time will tell if the mystery problem will occur again. If it does (cue ominous music) I may be in for some sort of repair/service or in the market for a refurb G5. Argh.

Despite a lazy day of reading love poetry (no, really), troubleshooting, and system maintenance, I still love technology. Good thing too, as my skills with an abacus aren’t really competitive in today’s employment market. 😉

goodnight kitties~

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