Ska with Sam, Hyde Park, and Tippecanoe. It’s been a busy couple of days.

This is SamThis is Sam.The one thing standing between us and a view of the bands.
Friday Sam and I went to a small performance by two local bands for ¬£2.50, one of which was a Ska band. Sam hasn’t been to many bar band type shows, so we sat in the back, drank fruit juice, and observed the truly eclectic audience from behind the ass of a man in baggy jeans. When he wasn’t obscuring our view with his roomy denim-ness, a legitimately mad* woman danced around stealing and bestowing a tall man’s hat to every head she could. A bit later, we saw approximately three inches of the space that separates her butt-cheeks, thanks to the boyfriend tugging on her denim skirt. We are a little bit scarred. All in all, the bands were good and it was a fun evening listening to live music on the cheap and watching drunk people.

Tippecanoe,** you ask. I am continually fascinated by obscure connections with complete foreign strangers. Neil and I headed into London yesterday to visit the Apple Store (for a part exchange on a power supply) and decided to hang out in Hyde Park to enjoy the people watching and superbly warm and sunny weather. The Park N Ride driver that took us to Oxford Street (it was a free service, why not use it) picked up on my less-than-English accent and asked where I’m from. To anyone who asks, I typically answer “around Chicago” as it’s geographically easy to imagine. In truth, I’ve only lived north-west of Chicago and south-east of it, but I’ve been there plenty and can talk about it with some sliver of authority. This satisfies the curiosity of most, however, this driver (a very ‘London’ kind of guy) had been to Chicago as well as several other places that I know, including Tippecanoe, Indiana and my ‘home town’ of Richmond! We discussed Minnesota and Wisconsin, his travels out west, and he even asked me to remind him the name of the golf course in the “City of Roses” where I grew up!
Small world? Oh yeah, at times, tiny.

Skater and onlookers in Hyde Park
Hyde Park is much like any other huge chunk of grass in a big city with some trees- on sunny days it’s littered with sunbathers in various states of undress. Throughout Hyde Park there’s a network of paved pathways that accommodate cyclists and rollerbladers, skaters, and skateboarders. There is also a sand track that sees frequent use by the riders who can afford to stable their horses in London (And my! my! we saw some gorgeous horses!). The Serpentine, a lake within the park, offers row boats or pedal boats for hire, and as you’d expect, there are plenty of ice cream and snack vendors making a living off of the sun-kissed masses.

After walking for miles throughout London, we had a lazy evening in the flat, watched a movie, and I slept like the dead until nearly 9 AM this morning. Sun and heat tend to exhaust me, as I have had a long work history of being indoors under unnatural light. One such job in the US – pre-press – didn’t even have windows to the outside world, and with long hours I’d often go to work in the dark and return home in the dark for several days at a time. I did that for six years. That isn’t healthy, is it? I digress.

Today will be a catch-up day for some writing projects as well as more learning time with PHP. I’m starting to grasp it, and whenever I hit a mental road block with it, instead of getting frustrated and ADD grief-stricken, I try to re-read it, check alternate learning sources, and if needed, ask Neil to help me understand. He’s a crackin’ programmer these days and with his own understanding of ADD, he sometimes finds just the right way of breaking down my barriers. I feel that this already valuable team of code skills (my CSS/X-Browser and his design/backend programming) is about to become a whole lot more. Neither of us stops learning and the quality of our work and the work we’re asked to do reflects a positive forward progress. Good stuff.

Now, on with the rest of my day. I’ve got words to pen and code to write. (And sun to avoid… there is truth in ‘too much of a good thing.’ 😉 )

* Her boyfriend told us, in a beer induced truth-serum serious tone, that she had been ‘released recently’ – we believe him.

** If you go to their website, there’s a place for you to “Report a Pot Hole.” I love that kind of quaint, midwestern attitude towards citizen involvement. (Generally speaking, I’m actually proud of being an Indiana girl, though there are political things I disagree with.)

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  1. Was in the park this morning. Horses, lots and did you know there is a area in one of the ponds marked off and people swim there?

    Hypde park early, when it’s not too hot and it’s deadly quiet is definately the best place in London.

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