learning is no sweat

For the Fahrenheit inclined, the temperature is to be in the high 70s / low 80s for the next few days. Thanks to a room full of computers and great big windows, the home office ends up pretty hot before midday. Fortunately for us, the sun creeps around to the other side of the flat before then, and so most of our work day – and often times, work evening – typically ends up being a pleasant temperature. This morning, however, was a reminder as to why we bought the portable air conditioner. I got it wheeled in, arranged unobtrusively in the modest office space, and we are comfortable again. Yay!

Last night I started really applying myself to learning PHP. I have become confident enough to tackle just about anything with CSS and XHTML (and soon will revamp my blog to show it off properly) so the natural next move is for me to overcome the foreign feel of PHP. I already knew just enough to recognise it and make simple (very simple) changes within it when needed, but now I’m starting to write it / understand it from scratch and it feels super! My eventual goal is to get to know Code Igniter, as it’s the framework we’re integrating into our projects more and more. First, I’m getting to know the basics of PHP and the terminology, then I get jiggy with CI. My confidence grows…

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  1. Yeah… sort of. I’ve been the victim of my CPUs overheating! (talk about scary kernel panics…) I’ve just had to move my Mac out from under my desk and into an area with more airflow. (And it was so efficient at keeping my feet warm all winter! 😉 )

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