Research and dry eyes

Thank goodness for lubricating eye drops. The past two days have been spent poring over a stack of library books on a variety of related subject matters in preparation for a writing project I’m taking on. There was a reason I went to art school and I can tell you the lack of proper book study added weight to that decision! (Actually, I think it had more to do with being terrified of math(s), but I’m splitting hairs now.)

I’ve been sat at the dining table with a clutter of books, pens, laptop, and notebooks surrounding me and I realise that I won’t receive any sympathy from students, but I am so stupidly out of practice with this research thing. The process is enjoyable but so very draining. (Especially due to the unpleasant materials I’m reviewing. It was a blessing I didn’t have nightmares last night.)

The books go back today or tomorrow and I’ve managed some good mileage out of my best fountain pen and a new notebook. My eyes are dry from pushing so many printed pages at them but I wouldn’t trade the satisfying feeling from the research for anything. There is purpose behind this and it has the potential to be quite rewarding.

I know I’m being vague, but trust me, I need to be for now. My plan is to have all revealed before the end of 2006, but I’m optimistic that the results shall be evident long before the new year is on the doorstep.


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