I’m so Martha today

Several years ago, when I was at the prime of my yoga-lean body, I went on a spree to wrap my ass in expensive (yet on sale- I’m still frugal) jeans from The Buckle. (Those of you who knew me on my previous blog, regularjen as she appeared on the long defunct Polywogg service, may remember me going on about my love/hate for this expensive mall rat store.) Anyway, over a few months I purchased several pairs of jeans from them. They all fit as though cut from magic cloth and at that time, I’m sure my yoga enhanced structure contributed to the mystic. All was well, but The Buckle seems to have a fatal flaw: self-destructing zippers. Bastards. I broke one and went back to buy another pair, like a good little American consumer. I kept the defective ones (couldn’t return them at that point) and delighted in my newly purchased magic ass wrapper. Zip! Shit! What the f*ck! Another pair of expensive denims to tuck away at the back of my closet with a little zipper pull pinned to a belt loop. I never bought another pair from The Buckle, but because of my love for them I moved two pairs of dysfunctional jeans 4000 miles on the off chance they may spontaneously heal themselves.

They never did, but today, as I was reorganising the jeans/trousers shelf of my wardrobe I decided to have a look at the useless things. After ripping out a few stitches I decided I probably wasn’t the only one in the world with a broken zipper, so I looked up how to repair one online. I am pleased as punch to report that I now have only one broken pair of jeans and a freshly repaired pair. Yay! I shall attempt to revive the remaining article of clothing as well.

I seem to have the sewing magic under control, now all I need is that yoga body back… I’ve just fixed jeans I can’t wear! πŸ˜€


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7 thoughts on “I’m so Martha today”

  1. 1. Good on you for fixing the jeans yourself. Having been broke for most of our adult lives, we’re a very re-use/resuscitate/repurpose oriented household ourselves.

    2. I’m sure your post-yoga body is gorgeous. πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Shaula!

    Yeah, I was always taught the value of being thrifty (not always by choice!) and try to find ways to re-use/resuscitate/repurpose just about everything myself too! I find it more satisfying than being an uber-consumer anyway. πŸ˜€

    As for the post-yoga body… I am curvy and eat a bit too well right now, but thankfully I know that the yoga bod is just a few months of asanas away. (Now where did I misplace my discipline! πŸ˜‰ ) I’m not too far gone though, so I’ll be in my mended jeans before long…

  3. Excellent Pete! Use it with reckless abandon in unusual context to fully appreciate its impact! πŸ˜€

  4. “cut them where they enter the slider”

    Uhhmmm Jen, I thought we agreed that for biological reasons, I didn’t need a vasectometerotomy.

    *Neil sucks down another ale*

    With Love,

  5. It doesn’t matter that you can’t wear them yet. It’s the principle of the thing. You didn’t take the easy way out by replacing them. Hang them on the wall and put a frame around them until you can. Instant pop art! Okay, okay, a smidge too tacky. Throw them on the floor of your closet (as in your high school days) until wearable or the next 4000 mile move!

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