Deadlines! Projects! and Code! (oh my!)

Getting to bed at a reasonable hour has not been possible for the past few days. A handful of big projects and new projects have eaten into the wee hours a couple of nights running.

2 AM Wednesday morning was Tuesday’s bedtime, and 3 AM today was when I finally put both my computer and my body to sleep for Wednesday’s night. Eeek.

I’m feeling the tiredness, but coding my little heart out on a semi-internal project that’s been wings-bound for a month or more. It’s centre stage today and although thanks to the past two nights I’m a bit weary of CSS and XTML (and a handful of .inc and .php files to tweak – I really must expand my knowledge more in that area) I still really enjoy the work. It’s lovely for me to realise that no matter how many cross-platform / cross-browser hiccups and snags I run into, the triumph I feel when the visuals on four different browsers match each other to near perfection is very much worth it – late nights and all. I’m fortunate to be working on several very unique projects and so I am rarely plagued by boredom creeping into the room.
(Besides, when the going gets boring, the bored go play PS2 for a little while to recuperate. Geek life is good.)

Time for an early lunch and a big coffee. There are many more lines to code today…


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2 thoughts on “Deadlines! Projects! and Code! (oh my!)”

  1. There is something in the air at the moment I am also doing a lot of php and css, it is just sort of flowing from my finger tips. I would be doing some tonight but I am trying to shut off and get some sleep but it ain’t working. Hope you hit the deadline okay.

    That’s that line “I love deadlines, especially the whooshing sound they make as they pass by” 🙂


  2. This has nothing to do with the subject of your post, but the neighbor kid poked me with a stick while I was mowing the lawn. I feel so used!

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