Of the river, bugs, and a holiday in May

a mill near Pangbourne
It’s been a reasonably good weekend so far. I’ve done a fair chunk of writing on a couple of short stories I’m working on (using Power Structure to attempt to get the plot points crafted properly), and today we went to Pangbourne to hang out on the river front to feed some waterfowl. It was a lovely day – word has it, it’s to be the only decent day of the bank holiday weekend – and so we managed to get out into natural light for a few hours. (Always good for a geek to get out from under the full-spectrum bulbs and into some fresh air and real sunlight once in a while…)

Though you can’t see from the photo, the Mayflies were thick today. A comment about bugs wouldn’t normally seem interesting, but mayflies only live for a few hours up to two days -¬†to have gone out on possibly the only day of their existence was an odd and intriguing addition to the day.

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  1. Hello from America!!! Jodi, Brigette, Becky, Dave and Aaron are so drunk and waiting for Mario’s pizza to arrive!!

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