Rain and my mom has carnivorous squirrels.

Uk Rainy
Rain. Lots and lots of rain lately.

But today? A bit of blue sky peeking through. It’s blustery as hell, but at least the rain has ceased for now.

You know I have a thing for squirrels, right? (say ‘yes’)

I got an email from my mom a little while ago that made me laugh.

Subject: Squirrels, I hope

There’s a chicken McNugget in the wreath on my front door.


Carnivore squirrels? It surely is the end of the world isn’t it.

If you’re in the UK, have a swell bank holiday weekend!

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5 thoughts on “Rain and my mom has carnivorous squirrels.”

  1. So do you think McDonald’s are actually employing squirrels? You can see the advantages for them, no minimum wage and you can actually pay them peanuts.

  2. Okay, I don’t know what my squirrels are up to.

    A few minutes ago I took my trash can out the front door for the a.m. pick up. When I came back from the curb, I noticed something new in my door wreath–a lightly nibbled full-sized glazed donut!

    As you well know, I am a big donut fan. Due to the fact that you never know where those squirrel paws have been, I was able to fight off temptation. I’m leaving it in the wreath to see if Fuzzy remembers where he stashed his prize!

    Maybe its a quid pro quo thing–I give them sunflower seeds and corn, and they give me garbage. They probably think I’m getting the best of the deal. And if the donut had been seal wrapped, I’d agree!

  3. Wow! Now if you can just manage to train them to fetch what you want – the possibilities! 😀

    wills Fuzzy to fetch a pizza and some Chinese takeaway

  4. UPDATE: The donut is gone.

    Either the squirrel remembered where he put it or the mailman was pretty damned desperate!

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