America’s Top Stories include Vampire Legends

While the rest of the world keeps up with the ever changing face of war, politics and * cough * The World Cup (sorry, just not a sports fan), America has its journalistic eagle-eyes trained on the stories that matter most (wait for it…) – check out this screen capture from my RSS news reader this morning*: (click the pic)
Dracula makes CNN news
That’s right. My home country is reporting on Dracula.
Not to be outdone by the real stories of the day, the article delivers this startling fact:

While known and marketed as “Dracula’s Castle,” the Bran Castle never belonged to Prince Vlad the Impaler, who inspired Bram Stoker’s Count Dracula character, but the prince is thought to have visited the medieval fortress.

Say it isn’t so! OK, so the castle isn’t really Dracula’s Castle, but what’s truly important is that the tourists still have a place to go in order to purchase vampire trinkets. (Insert stock gag here: ‘I went to Dracula’s Castle and all I got was this lousy T-shirt.’ The back could say: ‘It sucked.’) Actually, for the sake of having a weak reason to exist, the CNN article does give a bit of canned history on the castle’s past, but unfortunately nothing you couldn’t find out from a brief Googling.

Thank goodness I watch The Daily Show for what’s really going on in my birth country. 😉

*(I keep Google News, BBC, and CNN in there for my broad but basic daily dose of news.)

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2 thoughts on “America’s Top Stories include Vampire Legends”

  1. Well, actually that’s a great idea for a t-shirt 😀 I know it’s totally not original, but you haven’t seen the shit they sell at the castle *sigh*

  2. Hi Jen! Welcome to my blog!

    Actually, the article mentioned a few of the things that are sold to tourists, and it definitely sounds like they’re a bit behind Disney on marketing useless stuff. 😉

    Perhaps I should consider adding the shirt design to my regularjen shop… Couldn’t hurt!

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