Organising my way electronically through the Information Age

The need for an information management application has occurred. I just opened my Bookmarks (Favourites or whatever your browser calls ’em) .plist file with BBEdit. I have roughly 3100 Bookmarked websites. Holy crap! I did this out of curiosity and because, like most of us, I have the springtime urge to do a little housecleaning and I want to start by getting my keyboard dirty, not my hands. (Plus, I vacuumed and mopped yesterday. That might be my housework expenditure for this week, thank you very much. I may not have clean plates, but you can eat off the floor. 😉 )
As I plough forward into the crazy notion of writing a non-fiction book, I realise my organisational habits leave something to be desired. Sure, I’ve got demos of applications that all claim to get my shit together for me, but they also all require me having the attention span to properly exploit their ground-breaking features. Yawn. I just want a Matrix jack on the back of my head, thanks. Commence download. I know Kung Fu… and how to prioritise clippings within a hierarchal structure. Rock!

But, that’s not the way it works. I’m coming to grips with OmniOutliner Pro, thanks in part to kGTD and my own bloody-mindedness. I’ve stumbled my way through VoodooPad with some reportable wiki-licious success. I’ve been playing with CircusPonies Notebook, Hog Bay Mori, Journler, Notae, Sticky Brain, and finally today, added Devon Technologies to the list.
I need an organiser to organise my organisers. Sheesh!

Journler and Notae don’t seem to be up to the tasks I need to accomplish. VoodooPad is great for me to hoard snippets for my code work wiki-style- it’s perfect for that sort of semi-chaotic organisation. Circus Ponies Notebook is so freakin’ cute it hurts, but I don’t need the distraction of cute. Actually, I don’t see what CP Notebook offers me that a real spiral-bound notebook and a copy of OmniOutliner Pro don’t already do… Sticky Brain (I’m licensed with a v1 copy of it) was always too much like the mess on my desk to take seriously as an improvement to my situation. However, in visiting their site today, I see they’ve overhauled the application dramatically. Might need to have another look…

Mori has been the contender of late, with its nesting and Smart features. It’s unfussy, but capable. In fact, I was on the Hog Bay site about to put my payment details in when I saw a link to Devon Software on the Mori page. Devon offers a steroid infused organiser that thumps Mori for professional use. They also have several levels of product: pro, personal, and a basic notes program. I’ve downloaded the DevonNote application (their most basic organisational application) for a test-drive.

Getting organised is painful. I have a lot of work ahead of me if I’m going to improve my digital life, but believe me, it will be more detrimental if I don’t. Of course, none of these help me with my preposterously overgrown Bookmarks list, but I’ve got to start somewhere… Perhaps after a dinner picnic on the kitchen floor…

Oh, and the bees (remember my bees?) seem to have buggered off. Get it? Buggered off? I slay me…


UPDATE: DEVONnote just took itself out of the running, leaving me back with Hog Bay Software’s Mori. The reason? DEVONnote stores everything in one database. So, if I want literary musings separate from recipes or code reference, I’m out of luck. They can only be separated by folders within the same database. I need separate databases for professional versus personal, not all my fun in one bucket.
Mori it is!

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