May 7 Smoothie

Went a little wacky today! We’ve got kiwi! Actually, I love kiwi -¬†one of my favourite fruits, but typically, if I go to the trouble of peeling them I just devour them over the sink immediately! Not today; I showed will-power and threw two very ripe kiwis into today’s smoothie. I live on the edge…

2 very ripe chilled kiwi, peeled
1 tin of pineapple (rings or cubes) in juice, chilled (432g net)
1 medium frozen banana
apple juice

Blend up the pineapple and kiwi, then add the banana and a bit of apple juice to help it all mix up. I added a bit more apple juice after it was blended, hit the button again, and continued adding apple juice until I met the 750ml mark on my blender.

I had just brushed my teeth when I drank mine (how dumb am I?) but Neil said it was delicious and very fresh tasting. 😀

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