May Day Smoothie

It’s another Bank Holiday here in the UK and so I dub this the May Day Smoothie!

1 Banana (chilled or frozen)
1 tin of strawberries in juice (406g net) chilled
1 tin of peach sections in juice (from 410g net size tin) chilled
1 ounce of extra-strength Aloe Vera Juice (Holland & Barrett Cranberry flavoured)

Blend together. Should make just a smidgen over 1000ml (around two proper pint glasses). The addition of Aloe is a digestive aid - Neil has a sensitive stomach at times and we find that a small daily amount of Aloe Vera Juice helps. Check with your local health food shop for more info.

Remember, for lots more simple smoothie recipes, click the “search me” link under my header graphic and search for smoothie. It’s that easy!

Enjoy and have a great May Day! 😀

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