A photo from Camden

During my Friday visit to London (British Library included) I wandered around the surrounding neighbourhoods a little bit and found an intriguing bookshop in the Camden area. I had a nose inside and believe I stumbled on a tiny slice of literary heaven. Outside, I managed a quick photo of some little boys reading book titles just inside the glass. There are times I’m really grateful for my small camera in these candid moments, though I will one day have the digital SLR I really want…
(as always, click for an enlarged view)

I’ve a nasty headache this afternoon- the kind that scoffs at the painkillers I’ve been popping- so a more involved post about the British Library is being delayed until later in the day when hopefully someone will have removed the barometrically sensitive spikes from my brow. Perhaps then I can feel human enough to write about the treasures I saw on Friday.

Until sweet relief, I hope you enjoy the photo above.

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