The old, the new, and the upcoming all at once!

The days of recent memory have been a swirling mire of the two halves of my geek mind – the prepress/print professional (which serves as the last entry on my outdated r?©sum?©), and the code writer (which is where most of my current work comes from). I feel mentally alive and worn out all at the same time! Diving between InDesign and BBEdit for the better part of a week has left me little time to write, although in spurts I still get some reading accomplished. Today, though I’m at the cusp of completion with a couple of code projects, I’m taking the time to hunker down into some writing. I’m even having the groceries delivered to avoid additional distraction.

Friday, whilst in London, I have plans to visit the main British Library. I am so excited to spend the day in there! I have major research to do for a book I hope to write soon (yes, I thought I’d slip that in there…) but I’m sure I’ll find oodles of other things fighting for my often fleeting attention as well! Yay! (They also have a bookshop, restaurant, and caf?© on site – heaven!)


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