Adam Curry-Podshow-UK podcasters meetup

Neil and I ventured into a rainy London yesterday afternoon on a pilgrimage to meet up with Adam Curry and his business partners, Podshow. An informal gathering held at The Bricklayers Arms pub, attendance easily exceeded the 39 interested folks signed up on the wiki as of noon. Plenty of drinks were had but more importantly copious amounts of conversation took place in a social cacophony that I imagine has left plenty of attendees reaching for throat drops this morning!

I managed to do the proper American thing and cornered Adam for an autograph and chit-chat for a few minutes. I have photographic proof* that his hair is not nearly as big as in the old MTV days, but it is still very well-groomed. 😉 He told me Riki Rachtman – the Headbanger’s Ball host that replaced him on MTV – was managing some porn stars now. Funny how that’s not mentioned on the Wikipedia entry for him. In contrast, Adam is doing rather well. A young, retired, and wealthy man, he’s come out of retirement to do this Podshow thing. The formula to his success seems to be business person first and a broadcast professional second – a side to Adam most of my generation never bothered to look beyond the big 80s hair to see.

Adam Curry and Jen Dixon

Several hours of conversations and business card swaps later and the attendees began to thin. Somewhere between 7 and 8 pm probably saw the last of the stragglers leave pub, and indeed Neil and I left around that time as well. We stopped for a bite to eat and then caught the train home.

The highlight of the return trip was a very drunk, bald man from Glasgow on the train passing cans of Carling to the men around him, singing and joking loudly with inebriated enthusiasm. I think perhaps one of the most difficult accents to understand in the UK is that of a drunk Glaswegian, as an unfortunate couple of guys from America were soon realising! They managed to only piss the drunk off once with their responses to his ramblings, and everyone was relieved once the man stumbled out of the train car at his destination. Perhaps the most amusing thing he said during the journey was, “C’est la vie, as they say in Sweden!” Thank you drunk guy, that’s a beauty!

drunk bald guy on the train


*You’ll find a few pics of the Adam Curry meet up on my flickr page.

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