A satisfying day and a big weekend coming up

I’ve been a code monkey today- possibly creating some of the most tight, gloriously cross-browser/cross-platform, super-swanky-panky CSS & XHTML I’ve ever written*. I feel like today’s tasks broke through some mental blocks (an unfortunate and common hurdle thanks to the ADD wiring of my brain) regarding a few code targeting techniques that just wouldn’t become clear before. (Dabbling in Drupal work has helped to make certain things click too.) No books, no websites for guidance. Just pure, unhindered understanding on my own. Extremely satisfying. Hot damn, I’m not entirely broken!

As for musical satisfaction, I have to thank Sam for pointing me to The Dresden Dolls. I’ve not been this excited about a band’s sound in a long time. I’d heard the name but not any of the music. Quirky, post-punk, semi-caberet, emotional, creative, though-provoking… Perhaps if PJ Harvey and The White Stripes had a baby, fed it eyeliner and poetry, and sent it off to theatre school you’d have something like the sound of The Dresden Dolls. A piano and a drum set never sounded so good. Thanks Sam!

Got a big shindig with some podcasters this weekend. Adam Curry (often referred to as ‘The Podfather’) is meeting up with many of the gang from BritCaster (and any other folks interested in UK podcasting) in London for a casual drink n’ darts thing. Check out the forums and wiki at BritCaster for more info. Although I’m not a podcaster myself, I co-admin the forums and have plenty of pals on the UK podcasting scene, so I’ll be there. And yes, it is that Adam Curry. πŸ˜‰ (I promise to take some pictures.)

Time to end this post and make some dinner!

*I’ll release a link to the finished site after it goes live. (Yes, it’s one of your projects Adrian. πŸ˜‰ )

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  1. The wonderful Dresden Dolls ar playing in London on Friday the 12th of May. But aside from extortionate eBay, they will be sold out.

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