On the new blog header

“The male Platypus has venomous ankle spurs, used in vicious territorial battles and fights over mates. The venom is not normally lethal to humans but produces excruciating pain and swelling that lasts for several months. The pain is so excruciating that the victim is rendered almost helpless. The venom can be lethal to dingos, dogs and smaller domestic animals.”
-from Wikipedia entry on Platypus

Platypus are bad-ass.

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13 thoughts on “On the new blog header”

  1. I would have never pegged the platypus to be that bad ass. I see you were working hard today!!:p

  2. Ha! Jodi! That’s where perception fails you!

    Well. Sort of…

    I did get a lot done today, but the sad thing is that I have almost nothing to show for it other than a platypus and some clean underpants. 😉

  3. All well and good, but that’s clearly a female platypus.

    Every Australian baby knows how to tell apart the safe, friendly female platypuses, and the nasty, dangerous male ones.

    Clearly, I made that whole comment up.

  4. Actually, platypus, platypuses and platypoda are all acceptable terms for more than one platypus. If we take the word platypus as being Latin/Greek, then the true plural form would be platypodes, since the tail of the word, pus, means foot, and the plural of this is podes.

    As for platypi, I’ll quote Wikipedia:

    Colloquially, “platypi” is also used for the plural, although this is spurious pseudo-Latin.

    I didn’t make this comment up. 🙂

  5. Did you know that humans and platypi can bear offspring.
    No, I’m not a pervert- but, I’m half-platypus.

    With Love,
    Platypus boy

  6. I felt inspired by Platypus boy. Here is a haiku inspired by perceived social awkwardness.

    sad platypus boy
    with webbed arms outstretched
    pleads for acceptance

    Group hug. (Just watch out for his back feet…)

  7. Give him a sonnet you half-platypus-lovin’ yanky girl.

    This is England with a capital Gland.

    With Love, your blog-readin’-sonnet-lovin-yanky-panky-lovin-PM

    Tony Blair.

  8. Hah! If it weren’t for this post, I would’ve mailed you asking “Is That A Duckbilled Platypus In Your Header Or Are We Just Discussing Venomous Egg-Laying Mammals?” (I think that would make for a fun game on television in any case.)

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