braving the bird flu and the delinquency of squirrels

Well, perhaps that’s a bit dramatic, but given my dark desire to discover disaster (and clearly my penchant for words beginning with ‘d’) I did look for dead birds at the river…
None to be found. I declare The Thames in Bray free from bird flu today.

I was feeling a bit better this afternoon (sinus cold on its way out) and so we headed for the river to feed the ducks. I figured the whole ‘pandemic thing’ might be putting folks off of feeding waterfowl, so I felt it my duty to scatter fresh bread.

Around the park there are signs posted asking people to not feed the squirrels, as they are entirely too friendly already (read: they scare the poop out of children with their boldness). Proof of such cheeky behaviour: as I sat on a log on the riverbank one crawled up and stared right in my face from less than a foot away! I thought that stuff only happens in Disney films!

Anyway, no pics of the birds (no hands to sign release forms) but I did get my squirrel friend to sit still for my camera phone. (I paid him with a tiny piece of bread, but the way he was following me around… well, I’m sure he puts on the sugar-sweetness for everyone that walks by. Besides, he was stealing from the ducks and geese anyway. I’m hardly corrupting him… honest!)

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6 thoughts on “braving the bird flu and the delinquency of squirrels”

  1. This is just to let you know, that we found the recent post in your Blog, related to the bird flu virus, to be interesting, with a your cute but perplexed looking squirrel friend and have today added that entry of your blog, to our site:

    Thank you for this and we hope that you will continue to produce smiles on a great number of otherwise serious faces around the world!

    The blogs & Articles team.

  2. Wow! Thanks! I found my entry:
    “02:17 PM, 04/14/06 braving the bird flu and the delinquency of squirrels – Google Blog Search”

    I suppose in a quirky way I am being positive about the situation. I was not afraid to hang out with waterfowl and hope that others swallow their fear and ‚Äö?Ñ?Æcautiously‚Äö?Ñ?Ƭ¨‚Ćget on with normal life. 🙂

    Thank you for your truly unexpected inclusion.

  3. Bray? That’s very close to me. I’m scared now.

    Not of dying swans, although it’s interesting to see the notices from Defra at the lock at Hambledon, but of Jen punting further up the Thames.

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