another lazy smoothie recipe!

Forgive me readers, for I have sinned. It’s been almost two months since my last smoothie recipe.

I’ve got a cold and little energy, so it’s just a couple of tins of fruit today. I’d love to have embellished this one with some orange juice, but in trying to rid myself of my sinus cold, I’ve already drunk that stuff down. This thick smoothie recipe could be thinned a bit with maybe half a cup of OJ though. (Would add some tanginess too.)

1 cold tin of peach slices in juice (410g net)
1 cold tin of Del Monte Fruit Cocktail in juice (415g net)

Blend together (juice and all) until smooth. As I said, this could benefit from a bit of OJ or even a half a banana if you’re feeling funky. Either way, cold tinned fruit rocks if you’re low on energy or in a hurry.

I’m beginning to get into Wheatgrass and Aloe juices, so look for future recipes to include a wider variety of optional healthy ingredients.


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